Is Addiction An Attachment Disorder?

By Paul Henry (aka AlcoholicsGuide). Here I cite and use excerpts from an interesting article by Kathy Brous (1) that suggests addiction is the consequence of insecure attachment to our caregivers in early childhood and that as the result addicts often learn to consume substances, or behave in certain “rewarding” ways such as gambling, hypersexual activity etc to […]

The AA Tradition of Anonymity

 By Steve K. The tradition of anonymity in relation to membership of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is increasingly being challenged by members aspiring to be public examples, or advocates, of long-term recovery from addiction. The anonymity tradition as stated in traditions eleven and twelve are as follows: Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather […]

Stoic Philosophy & The Serenity Prayer

By Glenn Chesnut, Professor Emeritus of Ancient History, Indiana University. In terms of the ancient background of the Serenity Prayer, the distinction between “the things we do not have the power to change” and “the things we do have the power to change” is a fundamental and central part of ancient Greco-Roman Stoic philosophy. In […]

Freethinking Rather Than Platitudes and Reliance Upon Dogma

By Steve K. I heard this unthinking platitude at an AA meeting recently: “you can’t think your way into right acting – you must act your way into right thinking.” A bias toward the behavioural relationship to thoughts and feelings, and a dismissal of the cognitive influence in this respect. Err…someone needs to inform scientists, philosophers, psychologists (particularly Cognitive […]