Recovery and Spiritual Bypassing

By Steve K. While I’m committed to the practise of spiritual principles as a part of my recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, the emphasis within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) on being accepting, compassionate, tolerant, unselfish and loving etc, and of “practising these principles in all our affairs”, combined with literal interpretation of fellowship literature, […]

12-Step Sponsorship – How It Works

By Hamilton B. The primary responsibility of sponsors is to help their sponsees work the Twelve Steps.  A sponsor and sponsee have an obligation to discuss their mutual expectations, objectives, and requirements, if any, regarding the sponsorship relationship before they enter into that relationship. A sponsor shares his or her experience, strength, and hope with […]

Podcast Interview & Book Review – The 12 Step Philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous.

By Steve K and John S.  Listen to the podcast: This week’s podcast features an interview with Steve K. who discusses his book, The 12 Step Philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous: An Interpretation by Steve K. Inspired by Aristotle’s “Virtue Ethics,” Stoic philosophy and the liberal principles embedded in AA history; Steve interprets the Steps from a humanistic […]