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  1. Hey! My name is Tyler B, I’m a student in political philosophy and im thesising on the social-anarchist ethics of mutual aid and their relationship to mutual aid societies like AA. I recently found your writing on virtue ethics while doing some supplemental reading for my own writing and after exploring more of your work, I thought id leave a note that I think its really amazing that you do all of this work and take the time to edit and publish everything. I have, for several years, wished that fellow AAers engaged with the philosophy inherent to the program, and that doing so could allow for not only a deeper appreciation of the intellectual history we have inhereted, but also how we can interpret our own literature in new ways to expand the influence of AA’s helping hand. I think much of your writing contributes to this dream, even if I may disagree with certain points! Anyways, I dont mean to babble, I really appreciate all of your writing, and as someone who is currently living in a corner of the library for several more months of my life, I would be happy to posit any books, articles or suggestions if you are looking for new texts to read. I just ordered a copy of your book and look forward to reading it this week. All the best – Tyler


    • Thanks for your comments Tyler! Hope you enjoy my book. I’m currently exploring Taoism and the principles of the ancient philosophy transfer really well to 12 Step recovery. Check out the book “The Tao of Sobriety”.
      Best wishes,
      Steve K.


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